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ETL Complexity Calculator
Utility for calculating complexity of ETL components. Works well for Informatica, Datastage, Abinitio and other ETL tools.
ETL Complexity Calculator

Check the options pertaining to your ETL and determine the complexity.Calculate for a single component and use it as a factor in ETL Estimation tool.Use ETL Estimation Tool to estimate

Number of Sources ( Relational or non relational tables,files etc)
Number of Targets (Relational or non relational tables,files,xml etc)
Number of simple transfomation (expression,simple look up,filter,router etc)
Number of complex transfomation (joiner,custom,dynamic look up, active union, xml,java,normalizer,sql,transaction control etc)
Number of reusable transfomation (any transformation /mapplets)
Number of mapplets/code snippets/Data quality created
Joins done on sql level? (not using joiner transformation)
Database components (tables) created?
Are you using session partitions/threading?
Are you optimizing performance?(For e.g. pushdown in Informatica)
Are you using parameters and variables?
Are you creating new task and workflow?
Are you creating new scheduling component?
How many session level components? (Event waits, email task , decision task etc)