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Bluemix is IBM PaaS, where you can use a combination of the most prominent open-source compute technologies to be bound to your application. etlcode Course on bluemix covers right from concept of PaaS to build and deploy cognitive app on the cloud.

Course Features

  • Instructor led live class - 12 hrs
  • Hands on - 10 hrs
  • Project work - 20 hrs
  • Printed Study Material or e-book
  • Access to screen cast (24*7 access) - 8 hrs duration

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Duration:1 hr


This module include
  • Introduction to PaaS , IaaS and SaaS
  • Introduction to BlueMix

Duration:1 hr
USD 40


Module is designed to
  • Tour you on all Bluemix available options and services
  • Setting up an account to source code
  • Understanding the estimation of app , cost and memory
  • Writing your first app using code less coding.

Learn Yourself

Duration:2 hr
USD 60


This module cover
  • Ways to code - Code locally , code on Cloud
  • Quick overview of some scripting language
  • Write your first code in local and deploy it to Bluemix

Duration:2 hr
USD 60


Course covers
  • NoSQL database concepts
  • Add a NoSQL database to your application
  • Bind Database to your app
  • Deploy Code to Bluemix

Duration:2 hr
USD 60


This module covers
  • Introduction to Cognitive Services
  • Understand Watson
  • Understand Watson API
  • Bring intelligence to your App

Duration:2 hr
USD 50


This module helps you to understand
  • How to work in teams?
  • DevOps
  • Code Review and Code sharing.
  • Deployment - Usage of cloud foundry CLI

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for professionals who want to get exposure to cloud platform, right from building code , binding services, deploying the code and DevOps.


Course covers the details of PaaS and cloud platform. It also includes the usage of APIs and services coming with bluemix. Though course covers some code less development , the scope does not include coverage on any scripting language. Exposure to technologies like Java, node.js ,Ruby etc is recommended.

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