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Quick visitor registration on RapidApps on IBM Bluemix

Quick visitor registration on RapidApps on IBM Bluemix

Posted on : 13,Feb 2014 2533

Easy visitor registration app on Rapidapps on IBM Bluemix

Recently I was exploring IBM Bluemix and services available. Surely Watson and other IBM cognitive services make bluemix unique from other PaaS. While trying out other sevices I got to work on Rapidapps a little, Rapidapps is a very easy to develop and use utility without any coding skills. In this blog I am creating a simple mobile app in IBM Bluemix using rapid apps. Best part about rapid apps you can create some quick and handy mobile apps without having any coding experience.

This is what it looks like. Click here.

To try yourself what you need is
  • Account in IBM Bluemix- Create one if you do not have from here Bluemix. It is free and have 30 days trial and pay as per usage later.
  • Microsoft Excel - to create a data set

Lets get started,

First create a data set on an excel, it is so simple, open an excel and have a couple of fields and data as below. Save document as .xlsx. This is
going to serve as data set model for our application.

Log in to bluemix and click on rapid apps on catalog menu.

Name your service "Registration" and choose App as Leave unbound. This will take a few seconds and take you to rapid apps portal.

You can directly goto Data > New Data > Import spreadsheet . Import the document you saved in first step.

It will give you a screen like below. You don't need to change a thing here.

Click on import and continue. Data for your app is all set. That was easy huh! Your app is 90% done.

Now you need to go back and click on "Create an app".

Choose option 2 Create screens from a template and choose List and Form. That is it your app is 100% done.

That was a easy rapid apps application built on node.js, it has all CRUD (create/read/update/delete option). If you want to play around more you can try out multiple things.

  • Create a new home page for navigation from New screen

  • In setting tab you can change themes and may be put a google map if needed.
  • In user&role tab, you can create and manage privileges on data or screen.
  • Preview the application , what it looks like on iphone.

  • Move to deploy tab . Rename the app to whatever you want to be. Deploy application to cloud for free.

Chck out the application from here

That is it . you have created a working app and deployed it. If you have any queries post it on the comment section or post it from my portfolio page.

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